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Why Don’t You Just ‘Go To Hell!?’

I have been thinking lately on the notion of – that when we separate from our bodies after death – that what we will experience is going to be, in some way, consistent with our expectations.  This is easier to comprehend when we read NDEs where people are met by their deceased loved ones, or for people with certain faiths – the faith leader … for instance Jesus for Christians, Buddha, Ganesha etc, etc for other faiths.

Then there are those people who report other kinds of experiences – Mellen-Thomas Benedict who experienced the Universe profoundly in the presence of a loving and benign creator, and Eben Alexander who experienced his disembodied entity in a way where he was completely disassociated with his Earthly identity.  All of these people had a pretty nice time being out of their old bodies and exploring the What Is.

Then there are those who didn’t have such a good time when they found themselves ‘dead’.  George Ritchie and some others had a pretty terrible time and came back to live a life devoted to ‘good works’ … possibly because he had seen that there were dire consequences for people who didn’t live a ‘good’ life.  How is this consistent with the idea that most NDEers report – that the life review soon after death is a learning experience for the deceased rather than an act of judgement, and that the ‘God presence’ is one of complete love and acceptance?

Lorna Byrne, who lives her life in a very interesting way in the company of angels that she can see everywhere and who accompany us as we journey through our Earthly incarnations, says that she has been shown that there is evil in the world – but she is not clear on it’s purpose.  Other spiritual leaders have said that some evil is necessary to enable the exercise of free will – if everything was all sunshine and lollypops there would be less value to our intrinsic souls in undergoing the difficult earth incarnation.

I come back to my notion that what we will experience after we die and separate spiritually from our bodies will be influenced primarily by what we expect.  Even hardened disbelievers that anything at all will occur after they draw their last breath will go through a transformative process before moving away from their earth bound persona and discovering their true self.  When they review their achievements in their immediate past incarnation they may truely believe that they deserve punishment – and that will be what takes them to a place resembling ‘Hell’ … something must have been experienced consistent with this and then reported back by NDEers long ago to have allowed the notion of Purgatory and Hell to be sustained by organised religions for so long.  I also believe that it is important that, while in this life, we can fully understand ourselves and our motivations so that we can forgive anything that will hold us back from fully loving ourselves … and so be able to move through this life and into our true spirit with grace and peace.


How Do ‘Smart’ People Know What is ‘Real’?

We grow up in a certain culture and are educated to understand ‘how things are/happen’ a certain way …. but what if that is not based on ‘truth’?  We have our books written by the wise – documenting what is known – from research and also what has been passed on … including our religious/spiritual framework … but that knowledge varies depending on the culture into which you are born.  Some would say that is fine – we can accept that there are variations in understanding ourselves, for instance in the religious/spiritual sense….. but I see far less tolerance in understanding that understanding the ‘truth’ about the very nature of our existence depends on acceptance a certain doctrine that may or may not be ‘factual’.

Recently a five day US ‘Citizen Hearing On Disclosure’ chaired by former members of the US Congress, involving many international researchers and military/agency witnesses, attempted to establish the facts surrounding the existence of life on places other than Earth.  I can honestly say that, from my reading, this did not receive particular mention in the press in any significant way other than to ridicule or belittle the findings, likening the proceedings to a ‘Mulder/Scully’ event.  Despite this, it is expected that the outcomes of the Hearing will be presented to the UN to initiate further investigation.  In addition, Dolores Cannon – a past life regressionist who is held in high regard for her contributions to the illumination of human understanding – recently held a weekend conference on UFOs.  Dolores has regressed many people who have identified past lives that were not Earth based.  Her website and blog have links to a lot of interesting information.

I feel like shaking some people by the scruff of the neck and asking them to open their minds to understanding that reality is only ever subjective – that what we have been taught is only a version of someone’s reality propounded as ‘fact’.  I seriously doubt the maturity of people who think that everything that can be known about the nature of everything is already available to us – with the exception of scientific advancements along established lines – and that that is ALL THERE IS!  To me, this is like putting your head into a box marked ‘do not open – because I know what I know and I don’t want anyone messing with that version … it’s all there is!’ How dumb is that?

When you reduce everything down to ‘all there is is what I already know about’ …. it is like closing a very narrow set of blinkers around your head and turning up the music.  Instead – imagine what life would be be like if you were able to expand your consciousness to understand that the possibilities of existence are infinite – after all, when you get down to the subatomic level we are all vibrating energy that is connected – while science is gradually revealing the evidence for this we can choose to embrace it as fact now and live in that world – instead of one where our heads are in boxes of our own making!  Love to hear what you think!


Prayer – Is It The Ultimate Self-Indulgence?

There seem to be two almost polarised views of prayer … at one end is the idea that ‘God’ sits in the clouds on his throne and, if enough people band together and pray for the same things, that he will hear and intercede.  There are many people – my dear aunt being one of them – who believe that if they live a ‘good Christian’ life that they have some kind of power-line to God and that their prayers – if they live their life rightly and pray hard enough – will be answered.

Then there is the notion – supported by the reports from NDEers – that we are not separate from God – that we are all a spark of God that has differentiated itself for the purpose of experiencing life at the ‘human’ level … so – if we then ‘pray’ … aren’t we just talking to ourselves?  Maybe my dear aunt will come a cropper when she leaves this life and discovers that she had the hot line to God all along – and that if she had followed her heart rather than studying The Bible for God’s guidance on life that she might have lead a more fulfilling life.

Spiritual leaders throughout recorded time have advocated prayer and there have been many, many instances where prayer has been credited with intercession …. the saying that ‘there are no atheists in foxholes’ rings true – when I lost my keys in the street the other week I was happy to pray to anyone who could help!  But – I suspect that for many it is a matter of having ‘two bob each way’ – doesn’t hurt so “why not, maybe there is something in it”.

The recently departed Christopher Hitchens represents the other side altogether – with the conviction that there is nothing to pray to – so why bother?  Love to hear any views!


When You look In The Mirror …. Who Is Looking Back At You?

Some say that the way to look into eternity is to look into your own eyes in a mirror …. when I try this I struggle to focus on both eyes at the same time.  If eyes are the ‘mirror of the soul’ what am I able to see reflected there?  So called pragmatists would say that there are a pair of irises that they are looking at …. for me – I like to think that there could be some way to have a deeper connection with ‘all that is’ – maybe this way works for some, but I don’t seem to have the patience for it.

On one hand – I have chosen to follow this path of life for many good reasons – and one of them must be that it should bring me to this time of contemplation of the deep meaning of existence.  I constantly seek to develop my understanding of ‘all that is’, and the journey so far has been interesting … I now have the time and energy to seek understanding in many different directions.  I have come to what I believe to be a good understanding of my current place in the world, and I feel content with that.  I also trust that whatever I am meant to know will be understood when the time is right.

Some spiritual leaders have encouraged us to seek truth, and to work on improving ourselves … others say that if we open ourselves up to life that whatever we desire will flow to us in abundance.  I have always sought to understand ‘how things work’ …. as I look into those eyes in the mirror am I looking through them into ‘all that is’ – all that has ever been and will ever be happening simultaneously and at the same time not at all?

As Richard Bach pointed out in Illusions – if you take a movie DVD in your hand (one that you have seen before) … you know how it starts … what happens and then how it ends – and if it is a favourite then you have probably watched it again and again .. for the pleasure and also sometimes the pain of it… is that how our individual lives are playing out – over and over … in some massive illusory movie palace where we live out our stories in order to gain deeper and deeper understanding of ‘all that is’?


Snake Oil for Sale… @$24.95 and bottle, or 2 for $60!

How many time do we read something and think .. that sounds familiar, I’ve read that before (or something very much like it) … so it must have been copied… or the idea is not new … but when we really come down to it … the base ideas/truths are essentially the same … it doesn’t matter whether someone is claiming to be ‘channelling’ the truth – however … it is the TRUTH that maintains it’s integrity and value however we receive it.

In my fairly recent experience I have read widely, and there are many who claim to be spiritual teachers … and also many authors and publishers on ‘the bandwagon’ who are very happy to take our money for ‘on line courses, the next new book’ etc, etc,etc,  all claiming to have associations that merit our expenditure in order to become closer to their ‘messages/versions of ‘the truth’ … In my view – all of this doesn’t really matter, because in essence there is only one truth .. and so there really is no need to continually search for what it true and right when that is what you already ARE.  I despair for those people who are exploiting others who seek consolation in the form of connection to their ‘true’ selves for money .. and it is interesting to see how some previous ‘gurus’ are now distancing themselves from people who claim to be channeling ‘God’ …. where the outcome is blatantly avaricious.`

All that said … the essential message is still one of truth and integrity  – and however it transpires to be communicated, whether by so called charlatans who are only out there promoting their messages in order to make personal financial gain… or by pure hearted people who want to help others… the integrity of the messages remains.  I ran this draft past a dear one of mine who pointed me to a quote from Van The Man …. ‘And I turned to you and said “no guru, no method, no teacher Just you and I and nature And the Father in the garden’ …. good enough for Van, good enough for me!  I won’t stop reading and seeking – but I will never pay money to be told what I already know.


‘Good’ Versus ‘Evil’ …. No Fear Here (well, I’m working on it!)

On Living Island, Mayor H.R. Pufnstuf vanquishes wicked witch Witchiepoo and all live happily ever after….. alas, if only things were that simple.  In the boxes that we create for ourselves to live inside, I think that most people try to arrange things so that they are safe and warm and comfortable …. with nothing allowed inside that might hurt them and their loved ones.  By boxes I don’t mean houses – rather the whole package that makes up our ‘world’ …. including our understandings and beliefs.  I wrote briefly before about ‘paradigms’ – the beliefs that we have about ‘how things are’ that govern our very existence.  Unexamined paradigms can be powerful drivers for how we live our lives – our ideas about ‘how things should be’ – for example how husbands and wives should behave towards each other, or what time to have dinner.

I had a conversation recently with someone who maintained that the world was so dangerous that they had to be constantly vigilant in order to protect themselves and their family from harm.  When I asked them whether they could imagine what life would be like if they could let go of that fear they scoffed at me and called me an idealistic fool.  Maybe those are 2 positions are at the ends of a dichotomy …. at one end being able to live a life unburdened by fear and at the other end being barricaded against the world.

Looking into that further – I can see that, in retrospect, there have been many things/actions in my life that have been fear driven – getting a ‘safe’ job so that I could pay my bills (fear – that I would finish up in poverty), or going to the gym when I didn’t feel like it (fear that I would not be physically able to do what I wanted to do).  But – what else am I dong that is fear driven?  And – how am I going to work out what I could usefully surrender …. so that I am open to allowing whatever is in my destiny to come to me?

I believe that the nature of our existence is a mystery that will eventually be revealed to us… and in the meantime to be able to identify what is driving me on the basis of a fear – and then let go of it –  is in my best interest.


Embrace our Angels!

I have recently read 3 books by Lorna Byrne –  a lovely Irish woman who has been able to see and communicate with angels all her life.  I wonder how Lorna has maintained her sanity – I think a life such as she has had would challenge most of us.  Lorna was told by her angels when she was small that she should not talk about her angel encounters – so she didn’t and was regarded by her family as retarded.  Now that the angels are happy for Lorna to tell us about what she experiences there are many, many messages of hope and inspiration for us.

Lorna says that everyone has a guardian angel who stays with them all of their life and helps them – but we have to ask for the help that we want, the angels can’t intervene without our request ….. so I guess that we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking for angelic assistance …. even if we don’t believe in it!  For myself, I love the notion that there is a wonderful angel hovering around with my very existence as it’s brief – ready and able to help me through the hardest moments.

Which brings me to a bit of a diversion …. about ageing and resilience.  I notice that as I get more advanced in years that my ability to stand up to challenges has dropped off significantly …. maybe because I am kind of ‘out of practice’ with it?  Most of the time my life slips along very smoothly and I don’t have to tough out – but when a minor crisis emerges I go to pieces ….. I need those angel arms to prop me up and keep a smile on my face – but what happened to the armour that I had built over many years of facing up to all kinds of dramas?  Just as well my angel is there!

Something else to mention – although Lorna was brought up as a Roman Catholic her views on religion that she talks about seem to be far more aligned to the rapidly expanding movement of ‘one God’ – without censure or dogma, and definitely no ‘original sin’.  To me this is a wonderful message that is consistent with my own beliefs and has great hope in it for us all.  Lorna also advocates the power and value of prayer – something that could be of great value in the light of the recent tragedy in Boston.  Those who have died are on another voyage – let’s pray for their loved ones and also the wounded and theirs.

Anyone have anything to add about angels?  I would love to hear it!


I Had A Dream Last Night …. Was It Real Somewhere?

Last night I had a very clear dream … that has stayed with me …. where I was interacting with people who I seemed to know very well, and one of them was an ex-partner of mine who I split with 1987 – who looked at be the same age as they would be now, not as they were when we were together.  In the dream my ex-partner was running some kind of group seminar and I interrupted them to pass them a call on a cell phone … the details were so clear to me – my ex-partner indicated that they didn’t want the phone call but I said that it was a friend of theirs…. and they took the call.  It was a tiny cell phone.

What I am wondering now is whether what I just experienced was another me, in another version of my life that has played out elsewhere … from a decision point that happened in 1987 this me went on a separate path and has finished up ‘here’ …. but did ‘another’ me stick with that partner and has finished up just as I saw – so clearly – in that dream?  There were no cell phones in use here in 1987 – and the one I was using was tiny – so a modern one…. my ex-partner appeared to be the age that they would be now… but different from how they look in my current ‘reality’ …. in better shape actually!

So have I just had my first glimpse ‘across the strings’ – quantum physics and string theory support the existence of parallel realities and some NDEers report that they have seen that all possibilities exist simultaneously – it is just the choices that we make – exercising our free will – along the path that we set ourselves before we came here, using the ‘design suite’ in God’s Library?  I understood this intellectually – have I now seen that it could be real?

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Hello, hello …. who’s out there?

Have you ever thought about whether we – here on Earth – are the only inhabitants on any planet, anywhere?  When I was a lot younger I would lie on my back outside and look up at the stars …. and eventually I would have to come inside because the vastness that I was looking into was overwhelming … even then, when my mind was open to learning for myself and not so ‘coralled’ as it is now with what I have been led to believe.  Very soon – if not right now – Dolores Cannon in the USA is running a UFO conference and has been seeking photos of UFOs for a contest (bet she got lots of entries!).  The Russian Prime Minister recently answered a question from a journalist who asked him about the existence of UFOs – that they do exist.  Carl Sagan spent a large part of his life in the search for extra-terrestial intelligence  – at least now that he’s dead he will know the truth!

In the lead up to December 2012 an enormous amount was written about the help that Earth – or Gaia – was receiving from non-Earth sources to enable our planet to transition to a new level of vibration, or a rebirth for Earth.  Amongst the information out there about Gaia’s rebirth is that since the 1950s there have been three waves of volunteers who have never had Earth incarnations, who have come to Earth to assist with the transition.  Some have called these volunteers ‘indigo children’ – in that indigo is the colour of their auras … a colour not seen in auras until the 1950s.  I have read that life has not been easy for the early indigo children – that they have tended to be solitary and many have not partnered.  Because they do not understand their role on Earth they have felt ‘different’ and many have taken their own lives.  The existence of indigos has also been identified through past life regressions, where detailed accounts of non-Earth based past lives have been documented through many sources.  In addition, there are many ‘channelers’ who report the existence of life in places other than Earth.  I was heartened to read some reassurance yesterday that North Korea will not be successful in harming anyone with missiles – glad to get that one sorted!

So – what I am interested in (again!) is how the whole package works …. why God has set things up like this?  Why – at our current levels of understanding – are we limited in evidence to (generally) believing that Earth is the only inhabited planet?  If some irrefutable evidence of non-Earth based intelligence was to emerge maybe it would take everyone’s mind off silly things like competitiveness over limited resources and get us united as a common culture of sharing and inclusion …. with a united ‘human’ face to present to other worlds.  Bring it on!


If You Think You Can – You Can – How True is This…. ???

An old saying, and one that is consistent with how I was brought up to think …. my mother tried hard to give me a positive view of how I could interact with the world as I grew up.  Some years later I heard what I thought was a useful addition to the saying …. by adding “and it you think that you can’t you are probably right”.  But all of that was not in the context of how I now view the world and it’s possibilities…. and I reflect now on the power of growing up in an environment where – right from birth – a child would believe that they were a spark of God, as was everyone else, and what that might mean for how we would live together and interact.

Is there a ‘protective’ minimum age at which we are given the power to manifest what we desire?  I once came across a 2 year old joyfully pushing grass inside the DVD player …. it was to feed the little plastic horse that he had already pushed inside!  What if the manifesting power of this innocent was so great that – voila! suddenly a real horse came bursting through the technology?  Guess I’m getting a bit silly here, but you know what I mean …. and what about teenagers who are emotionally unready for the ‘real world’ – how much latitude do they have for manifesting something that really isn’t going to be in their best interests when they have time to reflect from a position of greater maturity.  I very probably would have signed on to manifesting a very different life for myself at the age of 16 than the one that I would desire for say 20 years later.

So – once again the issue of ‘attracting’ versus ‘allowing’ …. should we be able to exercise powerful manifestations for material things, for example I have been reading recently about the great successes of a young girl whose father is an exponent of the power of attraction to get what she desired … is it really in her best interests to grow up with the belief that great material goods will come to her through her power to manifest them?  Or is she simply ‘allowing’ the tons of girlie stuff to turn up that already had her name on it in the great storehouse of life?

Before I delved into the attracting/allowing schools of thought I had developed my own view – which was that the articulating of a desire is a powerful thing that creates a framework within which you make life decisions that enable you to get to the desired state …. for example what studies to undertake, how much money to save, what kind of risks might be necessary in order to achieve your desired state.  I am very wary of taking up a point of view that removes individual initiative …. the ‘lie back and float along’ track where all you ever need to do is sit back and wait for what you desire to float right up to you …. I am afraid that this could lead to lots of disappointment.  Happy to hear from anyone who has thought about this!